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DIY Button Removable Assembling Artificial Grass Synthetic Lawn Feb 19 , 2022

Removable assembled artificial lawn floor is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, without glue bonding, food grade raw materials; Convenient features: DIY button design, artificial turf without spraying or weeding, easy to move, disassemble, reuse, uv resistance, more durable color, better buffer protection performance.

Assembling grass floor adopts lock type design, which can be installed firmly on all kinds of ground materials, convenient and quick installation. Add hollowed-out drainage structure to allow air permeability without soaking the bottom of the artificial lawn. Can be applied to a variety of ground including sand, mud. The bottom floor support structure greatly enhances the support force and is not easy to be crushed.

1, environmental protection, non-toxic, durable;

2, wide range of application, no glue bonding;
3, food grade raw materials, water permeable and breathable;
4, excellent weather resistance, no spraying or weeding;
5, DIY buckle design, customizable;
6, can be recycled and processed into other plastic products
7, easy to move, disassembly and assembly, repeated use
8, uv resistance, more durable color
9, better buffer protection performance

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